Become A Lark Theater Volunteer!

If would like to volunteer at the Lark Theater, please look over the Volunteer Opportunities and complete the Volunteer Profile form. You can fax, mail, scan and e-mail OR drop the form by the theater at your convenience. Once we receive your form, our volunteer coordinator, Carol Staley will send you an acknowledgment by e-mail and put you on our active volunteer list. You will then receive weekly updates on volunteer opportunities.

Thanks for your interest!

Carol Staley, Volunteer Coordinator

When I first began my volunteer work at the Lark I did it mostly for the sense of community that accompanied meeting and greeting all the theatergoers with whom I connected. But the perks that go with the work: seeing great movies, Met Opera, National Theatre productions, Mind Reels and many other special events plus all the popcorn I can eat are nice too.

I love hearing new patrons rave about the theater and then ask about becoming members. Regular theatergoers often comment to me about how much they enjoy the wide variety of movies and the special programs offered by the Lark. I often greet people who I have not seen for a long time, giving me a chance to renew friendships and also forge new ones with patrons I see regularly.

Working with the Lark staff, all of whom are outgoing, courteous and friendly to both volunteers and patrons, is an added benefit. The Lark, as a neighborhood theater, is both a gathering place and a destination point, filling a need for the whole county and even beyond. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this operation.