Jekyll n Hyde & The Invincible Czars

Dr. Jekyll  and Mr. Hyde & The Invincible Czars

Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde & The Invicible Czars

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
& The Invincible Czars


Described as bold, quirky, ecclectic, dynamic and fantasy-inspired, audiences all over the US have eagerly gathered in sold out art house cinemas and venues to experience The Invincible Czars’ intricately crafted and precisely performed silent film soundtracks.

This spring, the 5-piece band are hitting the road with their new tastefully modern score for DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, the 1920’s iconic silent film that influenced generations of horror filmmakers. The film stars silver screen legend John Barrymore who masterfully plays both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The Invincible Czars was part of a wave of acts that began creating new soundtracks for silent films at the original Alamo Drafthouse in the 2000's. They incorporate a bit classical music into all of their scores and dress in accordance with the context each film they perform.


Considered by many to be the first great American horror film, John S. Robertson's Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde allowed stage legend John Barrymore to deliver his first virtuoso performance on film. Blending historic charm with grim naturalism, this version of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde is one of the more faithful of the many screen adaptations of Stevenson's story (though greatly influenced by T.R. Sullivan's popular stage treatment), recounting a visionary scientist's ill-fated attempts to unleash the human mysteries that dwell beneath the shell of the civilized self.

Dr. Jekyll  and Mr. Hyde & The Invincible Czars

The band incorporates Bela Bartok's Six Roumanian Folk Dances into their score and utilizes looping, samples and Leila's effect-laden voice more than in any other Czars silent film soundtrack. The music is written for four players and includes electric guitar, bass, violin, keyboard, music box, synthesizer, bass clarinet, flute, glockenspiel, bass guitar and all manner of percussion.


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