Jayne Mansfield Tribute

Jayne Mannsfield

She's been called "Marilyn on steroids". Join us as we celebrate the ultra-fabulous life and career of one of Hollywood's infamous bleached-blond bombshells.

Mansfield 66/67

Mansfield 66/67

Not Rated - Documentary, Biography, Musical
1hr 24min
Directed by P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes
Appearances: John Waters, Tippe Hedren, Ann Magnuson, and more

SYNOPSIS: Who could resist cheering for Jayne Mansfield -- the punk Marilyn Monroe and the ultimate atomic-era sex-positive kitten-gone-berserk -- as she navigates the cultural and spiritual landscape of a quickly changing world.

Defined by her hunger for publicity, she was impossible to categorize though the headlines her life inspired certainly tried: Can A Sex Siren Be A Good Mother, Love Goddess With A Jinx, the Smartest Dumb Blonde...

Welcome to MANSFIELD 66/67, a true story based on rumor and hearsay, where classic documentary interviews and archival materials are blended with dance numbers, performance art and animation, elevating a tabloid tale of a fallen Hollywood idol into a celebration of the mythical proportions of a true original we can't help but live to love more each day.

Mansfield 66/67


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Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter

Not Rated - Classic, Comedy, Romance
1hr 33min
Directed by Frank Tashlin
Written by Frank Tashlin and George Axelrod
Cast: Jayne nMansfield, Tony Randall, Betsy Drake

"[Mansfield] constantly catches you off guard. She's this unabashedly crude movie's bleached-blond heart and soul."
- Keith Uhlich, Time Out

SYNOPSIS: Jayne Mansfield recreated her starmaking stage role in this film adaptation of George Axelrod's Broadway comedy.

Mansfield plays a Monroe-like movie queen whom adman Tony Randall hopes to sign for a product endorsement. Through a fluke, the press believes that Randall is having an affair with Mansfield; she eagerly pounces on the attendant publicity, much to the dismay of her body-builder beau (Mickey Hargitay, then married to Mansfield). At the behest of his ad agency, Randall is forced to propose to Mansfield on a coast-to-coast TV show, which breaks the heart of his true love (Betsy Drake). Both Randall and Mansfield are saved from a marriage neither one wants by the last-minute arrival of Mansfield's hometown boy friend (Groucho Marx).

Director Frank Tashlin uses Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter as an excuse to take satirical potshots at everything from TV commercials to the unwieldiness of CinemaScope.

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter


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