Les Enfants Du Paradis
Les Enfants Du Paradis

Les Enfants Du Paradis - 1945
(Children of Paradise)


Approved - Drama, Art House, Classics
3hrs 9min
Language: French with English Subtitles
Directed by Marcel Carné
Written by Jacques Prévert
Starring Arletty, Jean-Louis Barrault, Pierre Brasseur

"To luxuriate in the film's 3-hour, 10-minute length is to experience this masterpiece as it hasn't been experienced since the day it opened."
- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Timesm

SYNOPSIS: Poetic realism reached sublime heights with Children of Paradise, widely considered one of the greatest French films of all time. This nimble depiction of nineteenth-century Paris’s theatrical demimonde, filmed during World War II, follows a mysterious woman (Arletty) loved by four different men (all based on historical figures): an actor, a criminal, a count, and, most poignantly, a mime (Jean-Louis Barrault, in a longing-suffused performance for the ages). With sensitivity and dramatic élan, director Marcel Carné and screenwriter Jacques Prévert resurrect a world teeming with hucksters and aristocrats, thieves and courtesans, pimps and seers. And thanks to a major new restoration, this iconic classic looks and sounds richer and more detailed than ever.

Les Enfants du Paradis

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