The Promise
The Promise

PG-13 - Drama, History

2hr 13min

Directed by Terry George

Written by Terry George, Robin Swicord

Starring Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon

“A solid and sobering reminder of the atrocities of war, bolstered by strong performances from Isaac and Bale”
- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

“[Terry] George follows the classic playbook of sweeping, ambitious historical epics. With superb old-style craftsmanship, he has us watching portentous moments unfold from the perspective of individuals whose fate concerns us.”
- Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Empires fall, love survives. When Michael (Oscar Isaac), a brilliant medical student, meets Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), their shared Armenian heritage sparks an attraction that explodes into a romantic rivalry between Michael and Ana's boyfriend Chris (Christian Bale), a famous American photojournalist dedicated to exposing political truth. As the Ottoman Empire crumbles into war-torn chaos, their conflicting passions must be deferred while they join forces to get their people to safety and survive themselves. THE PROMISE is directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Terry George.

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