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Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party

In the electrifying new film “Mutiny In Heaven,” Nick and his first band, The Birthday Party, offer an unfiltered, intimate, and immersive exploration of the influential post-punk group that catapulted him onto the global stage.

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Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party

Rating: NR   Released: 2023  Length: 1hr 26min

Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party

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Opens at the Lark in October, alongside Nick Cave’s North American tour!

Narrated exclusively by the original band members, Mutiny in Heaven delves deep into a band’s psyche, chronicling how Nick Cave and his school friends startled audiences with their confrontational performances, primal screams, outlaw gothic horror, and anarchic lifestyle. Featuring never-before-seen personal footage from band members, dynamic animation sequences, and jaw dropping concert clips, the film provides a sweaty, electrifying front-row seat to to one of the most legendary live acts. Destined to be an instant documentary classic.

“The epitome of musical chaos and destruction.”
– The Independent

“A reckless whirl of mutant rockabilly, black-eyed swamp-blues, outlaw imagery and stomach-churning violence, The Birthday Party were one of the definitive post-punk groups, creative and destructive in equal measure.”

“Blazing hard and blindingly bright, The Birthday Party were a magnesium strip of rock & roll intensity.”
The Quietus

“Punk had perhaps correctly loathed the plasticine nature of showbiz, but The Birthday Party took the spectacle and blew it up, exposing and embracing the violence underneath.”