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Lucrezia Borgia

Rating: NR   Released: 2018  Length: 2hrs 25min w/ Intermission

Comedie Francaise Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia

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DescriptionTrailerComédie Francaise

By Victor Hugo
A Comédie Francaise Production
Directed by Denis Podalydés

Starring The Comédie Francaise Troupe, and the student-actors of Académie de la Comédie-Française

The criminal, adulterous and incestuous Lucrezia Borgia seeks to escape from the evil that is her condition, to be recognised and loved by Gennaro, the child she had with her brother. During a ball in Venice, Gennaro, who has an aversion to the Borgias, courts a beautiful masked lady before discovering, to his horror, that it is Lucrezia. Stung by the affront of Gennaro’s friends who insult her, and suspected of adultery by her husband, Lucrezia sets a heartbreaking act of revenge in motion.

Rarely has a dramatic work gone so far in its depiction of maternal love. Lucrezia is a moral monster but this monster is a loving mother. Victor Hugo wrote this play to reveal the pearl at the heart of every monster.

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Home to Molière’s historic theatre troupe, la Comédie-Française is France’s most respected and most prestigious theatre, created in 1680 at the Sun King Louis XIV’s request. Located in the heart of Paris next to the garden of the Palais Royal, this State institution is the only one in the country to have its own dedicated company of actors, among which Guillaume Gallienne, Denis Podalydès, Laurent Lafitte and Dominique Blanc.