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Bow Wow Film Festival 2019

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Bow Wow Film Festival 2019

Length: 52 min

Bow Wow Film Festival

Bow Wow Film Festival 2019

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Screening and Special Benefit
Sun, May 19 2:00pm Buy Tickets
General $15
Students 18 and Under $10
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Event DescriptionBow Wow ProgramAbout The Kern Project


Screening and Benefit for the Kern Project – Northern California Family Dog Rescue. 

** Giveaways, Guest Speakers, and more! Stay tuned for details!! **

Bow Wow is a joyous traveling film festival that celebrates, educates and inspires all things doggie (with or without their human) through the art of short film.

Each year, the Festival features some of the year’s’ best pooch themed short films all wrapped up in one 90-minute beautiful, fun-loving package!

Bow Wow presents an opportunity for animal welfare groups to host an event that generates awareness as well as offers a unique and delightful way to fundraise.

Since launching in 2015, over $200, 000 has been raised for animal welfare partners at Bow Wow Film Festival events!


Ask FrankSquirrel Interview
Filmmaker Kate Smith
Advice by a dog, for a dog.

Filmmaker-Jamie Meredith
A pup & his new owner learn to navigate the twists & turns of their lives together.

Lone Wolf
Filmmaker Ava Phillips (age 14)
A young pup seeks love in a cold place.

Filmmaker-Pet Pals TV
The story of the amazing Gobi, her person, and how they found one another.

Camp Dogwood
Filmmaker Alysa Slay
Of course camp would be better with your dog!

 Ask Frank-Where Does Mail Come From?

 When I Was A Human
Filmmaker Addie Akemi Kohzu 
A dog fears that he has lost the love of his owner.

Love at Steak
Filmmaker-António Vieira
Paco, a dog, owned by an adorable old lady, wakes up and finds the love of his life in an unexpected way.

Filmmaker Andrew Muse
Deep into the mountains with Kicker and Gru.

Ask Frank-Dish Licker

 To The Pets
Filmmaker-Mikayla Feehan
Music video by Walkin’ Pets

Gratuitous Cat Video-The Bus Ride
Filmmaker-Esperanza Guevara
A former pet food star must resist her natural cat instincts when she is out in public.



Ask Frank-Adult Breath

 Shakespeare Shorts
Filmmaker-Howard J. Davis
Mr. Davis & Jughead perform a scene from Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona, Thus I would teach a Dog.

Asher-A Therapeutic Family Dog
Filmmaker-Claire Fraser
The story of a border collie named Asher and his family.

 Working Dogs for Conservation
Courtesy of Working Dogs for Conservation
A film that explores the relationship of working dogs and their handlers, filmed in Tanzania.

Mutts in Paradise
Courtesy of Great Big Story

A sanctuary for Mutts in Costa Rica.

A Dog Called Moose
Filmmakers-Shay Kuehlmann & Kate Roxburgh
Moose is a heart-warming, sometimes funny and often magical film about love, loss, and the circle of life.

Homemade Wheelchairs in Taiwan
Courtesy of Great Big Story
An engineer crafts wheelchairs for dogs.

Stacy’s Cute Rescue Dog
Filmmaker-Carl Fristedt
A dog is found on the side of the road in the Alaskan wilderness. Stacey gets in her car and drives for hours to pick the dog up. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

Unconditional Stories
Filmmaker Kasey Klonsky
The delightful story of Jessica & Tommy.

 Origin of Dogs
Courtesy of The Atlantic-Science
Writer Ed Yong explains the surprising origin of dogs in light of new research.

Canine Lifeguards
Courtesy of Great Big Story
Rescue dogs in Italy!

Wake Surfing Puppy Dog
Filmmaker Andrew Muse
I wish I had this dog’s life!

Shelter to the Mountains
Filmmaker-Evan Curtis
A day in the life of Josie,once known as #3632-5.

The Kern Project

Website: www.thekernproject.com

The Kern Project is a mission to save the dogs of the Kern County Animal Shelter through rescue, foster and low-cost spay/neuter programs. Kern County has been overflowing with dogs and puppies of all ages for ten years. Sadly, over half of the dogs that came through the shelter in 2011 were euthanized for lack of space.

Northern California Family Dog Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit organization, saves great dogs from shelters all over California. Family Dog has created a special program to rescue dogs from Kern County and transport them to foster or adoptive homes in Northern California.